nannos.adaptive_sampler(f, x, max_bend=10, max_x_rel=0.001, max_df=0.05, n_jobs=1)[source]#

Adaptive sampler.

  • f (function) – The function to sample. The first return value should be real scalar that would be used as a metric for adaptive sampling.

  • x (_type_) – _description_

  • max_bend (float, optional) – Maximum bend angle of the normalized angle between adjacent segments. For angles larger than the maximum bend angle, one of the adjacent intervals is subdivided, by default 10

  • max_x_rel (float, optional) – The relative space (relative to the sampling interval size) below which subdivision will not occur, by default 1e-3

  • max_df (float, optional) – The threshold below which the difference between adjacent result values will not cause an interval to be subdivided, by default 0.05

  • n_jobs (int, optional) – Number of parallel jobs, by default 1


The sampling points and sampled values

Return type